Bela D Media – Sampled Landscape Ambient World (KONTAKT, WAV)

Developer: Bela D. Media
Format: Kontakt 2 and 3 / Wav
Quality: 24 bits 44.1 KHz 1058 Kbps

Description: A unique collection of sounds, programs and multi-patches. Designed specifically to create inspirational film textures, SL allows you to easily generate a ton of expressive and basic musical emotions, making it ideal for documentary soundtracks, soundtracks and new age music.
This innovative product starts with sampled instruments from all over the world, professionally diluted with artistic elements, the product of the designers’ imagination. From delicate and beautiful to dark and mysterious, Bela D Media invites you to explore these new and exciting sound paths.

138 pedals, multi-patches and about 500 vocal phrases!
Meditative flutes
Tibetan bowls
Whispering winds
Atmospheric Percussion
Ethereal Voices