Big Fish Audio – The Mixtape Toolkit (EXS24, HALiON, KONTAKT, APPLE LOOPS)

big fish audio
Format: EXS24 / HALion / Kontakt / Apple Loops
quality: 44khz stereo

New Big Fish Audio Hip-Hop Creator contains: 2way SFX effects, dense drum kit, scratches, piano, vocals & more samples …
DJs and Producers … are you ready? Tekniks’ Mixtape Toolkit is about to hit the streets and heat them up. huge collection of loops and patterns, Packed with 28 building kits, 2way SFX, Drum whales, scratches, Vocal. The Mixtape Toolkit is a collection that hip-hop heads can’t do without!
28 Full Construction Kits including the drum hits
Exs24, Halion and Kontakt programs for all content!

Loads of extra content including:
Drum Kits
Scratches plus many much more
808 Bass, Harmon and piano multisample programs.