Prominy – Electric Grand PCP-80 (KONTAKT, HALION, EXS) [RAR]

Developer: Prominy
Format: GIGA, Kontakt, EXS, HAlion


They say that the British are pedantic. But the Japanese, perhaps, have surpassed them. This virtual instrument from the Japanese sample developer Prominy cannot be called otherwise. Judge for yourself, they were not too lazy to include in the composition at the same time:
GIGA 2 – 44.1k, 16-bit instrument (8/16 velocities) – 350M (2.1G unpacked)
GIGA 3 – 44.1k, 24-bit instrument (8/16 velocities) – 1725M (unpacked 4G)
GIGA 3 – 96k, 24-bit instrument (8/16 velocities) – 3712M (9G unpacked)
Kontakt, EXS, HAlion – 44.1k, 24-bit instrument (8/16 (HAlion – 20) velocities) – 2093M (5G unpacked)
Kontakt, EXS, HAlion – 96k, 24-bit instrument (8/16 (HAlion – 20) velocities) – 4520M (11G unpacked)
You can download any of these options depending on your needs – from the smallest to the most demanding.
Without downloading the entire distribution, you can view demos, manuals or download updates for both GIGA and Multi-versions.

The classic electric piano Yamaha Electric Grand CP-80, popular with jazz, rock and fusion musicians of the 80s of the last century.
From the pianist’s point of view, playing the PCP-80 is like playing a real electric piano, without the depressing artifacts of sampler technology. A wonderful rare instrument was saved from complete disappearance by painstaking efforts. on the verge of fanaticism with work on recording and sampling.
Sound on Sound Magazine, Sep 2004

Attention! The version is not patched, it is highly recommended to install updates immediately after downloading!