Sampletekk – Tubed Keys MK I 73 (KONTAKT, HALION, EXS) [RAR]

Developer: Sampletekk
Format: Multi (Kontakt, EXS, HAlion)
Quality: 44.1k, 24-bit, Mono, 16 velocity layers, 16 release layers

There are many different electric pianos on the Internet, including here. But they all have too beautiful, polished sound, not always suitable for the embodiment of composers’ intentions. This instrument, like the others from Sampletekk, has a twist. The 73rd Fender Rhodes, the first truly portable electric piano, came with only line out and no amp of its own. For assembly and tuning, the Fender factory workers used a Fender Twin tube amplifier, which many musicians consider to be the best companion for this amazing instrument. Its warm and slightly husky tone is ideal for jazz and blues compositions or for solo improvisation.
It was in tandem with the Fender Twin that this perfectly preserved instrument was recorded by Sampletekk’s sound engineers.