Atelier Robin – Natural Drum Kit (WAV, HALION, KONTAKT) [RAR]

Release year: 2006
Developer site: NDK
Format: Wav, Halion, Kontakt
Sample type: no loops
Quality: 48kHz, 24Bit
Size: unpacked archive 19.3 GB

Atelier Robin Inc in 2006 announced a huge library of drum samples with very extensive layering, speed and articulation choice, taking into account all the subtleties of playing live percussion instruments.
This library – Natural Drum Kit – was 2 years in the making and was recorded for several months at a studio in Glasgow, Scotland.
She received such widespread recognition among the masses from musicians and producers that she was awarded the 2006 Computer Music awards.
The library samples are in Wav, 48kHz, 24Bit format. Each sound of a single instrument is divided into layers of velocity (in some presets there are up to 36 layers) and has several options for articulation, which allows you to create such a realistic sound that it is very, very difficult to distinguish it from a live installation.
Please note that the samples on the disc were originally from the manufacturer of such quality !!! This is not resampling of “converting craftsmen”.
You can use the library in different ways – with a Halion player, Kontakt 2 or higher, or use Wav content in your other software or hardware tools for playing samples.
And in conclusion, I will summarize – Natural Drum Kit – samples for all musicians who use the sounds of live percussion instruments in music.
I wish you all success in the new creative year !!!