Soundiron – Old Busted Granny Piano (WAV, KONTAKT)

Developer: Soundiron
Format: WAV, Kontakt
Quality: stereo, 16 bits, 48kHz

Description: This is a library of a sampled “semi-live old lady” – a piano. There have been many great piano libraries for a long time. But no one has sampled a truly beautiful, dusty, broken by time, with, somewhere burst, somewhere out of tune, a truly ancient instrument, which was played by our grandmothers. The years have not been kind to her looks and voice, but her soul is truly beautiful, like aged wine …

  • Authentic, nostalgic, untuned upright piano
  • All White and Black keys from A -1 to C7 are individually sampled (even the broken strings)
  • All notes from A -1 to F # 0 and F4 – C7 sampled at 3 velocities
  • All notes from G0 – E4 sampled at 4 velocities
  • 2x Round-robin on the mf layer between D3 – E4
  • Including lid opening / closing and pedal press / release sounds
  • With and without damper
  • Soulful and rather poorly tuned
  • 3 instrument patches, 708 samples, 900 MB
  • Sample resolution: 48Khz / 16Bit stereo wav format
  • Format (s): Kontakt 2 and .wav