8Dio – Cajon and Bongo (WAV, KONTAKT)


Developer: 8Dio
Website: 8dio.com
Format: WAV, Kontakt (.nki, .nkm)
Quality: 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav

The story of the ancestors of Tonehammer Bongajon (a combination of Cajon and Bongo) is full of darkness and despair.
Slaves from West and Central Africa are credited with the inventors of the Cajon drum, which is essentially a wooden box with a thin sheet of wood nailed down on the sixth side to act as a sounding membrane. The Cajon is a very characteristic instrument in Cuban music, which also traditionally contains bongos. Bongas were also brought from Africa to Cuba by slaves, and are often used in salsa, rumba, and other traditional styles. A modern adaptation of Cajon is often found in Spanish flamenco music, however, it is a relatively new introduction. Cajon was used by flamenco master Paco De Lucia in 1970 and is now a traditional accompaniment in Spanish guitar music.
Tonehammer presents two sets of professional Cajons (snare and non-snare) and three sets of professional Bongos (small, medium and large). They were recorded as part of an ensemble, in groups and in separate sets of solos. The end result includes about 8000 samples and 34 instrumental patches. During the recording, various methods of sound production were used, using hands, fingers, hammers, sticks and brushes. A huge range of different surfaces are covered on all instruments. Cajons were also recorded from two different microphone positions (inside and outside), so users can get the sound they want … And finally, as a bonus, a dedicated section with ensemble claps and finger snaps is included … All instruments and articulations in the library have 10-fold cycling for each velocity layer, and up to 10 velocity layers.
The result is the most detailed Cajon and Bongo ensemble and solo library in the history of sampling.
Library composition

Core instruments / articulations:
Cajon and Bongo combined ensemble (Fingers, Brushed, Muted, Sticks, Scraps) (dry)
Cajon Ensemble (Fingers, Brushed, Sticks, Scraps) (dry)
Bongo Ensemble (Fingers, Brushed, Sticks, Scraps) (dry)
Bongo set 1 (Fingers, Brushed, Sticks, Scraps) (dry)
Bongo set 2 (Fingers, Brushed, Sticks, Scraps) (dry)
Bongo set 3 (Brushed, sticks) (dry)
Bongo set 4 – Studio (Fingers, Brushed) (wet)
Cajon set 1 without snare (Hands, Brushed, Sticks, Mallets) (dry)
Cajon set 2 without snare – Studio (Hands) (wet)
Cajon set 3 with snare (Hands, Brushed, Sticks, Mallets) (dry)
Cajon set 4 with snare – Studio (Hands) (wet)

Bonus: Clap ensemble, snap ensemble, stick ensemble (dry)
Extensive read me (.pdf) install, patch and hint documentation (.pdf document)
Listen exclusive interview w / Mike and the crew (mp3 interview)

+7500 samples, 1.17 GB
34 Kontakt patches (.nki, .nkm)
Sample resolution: 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav format
Format: Kontakt 2 and .wav

Torrent composition :
* Cajongo_images (folder)
* Cajongo_samples (folder)
* Demo (+ interview) (folder)
* Read_Me (folder)
* 34 Kontakt patches (.nki, .nkm)