Cinesamples – Drums of War (KONTAKT, EXS, WAV, AIFF)

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Format: Kontakt, EXS, Wav, Aif
Quality: 48 khz, 24 bit

Awesome epic drums, the cat was used, for example, in such popular movie epics as “The Lord of the Rings”. All reels have round robin and pre-recorded rolls. Now all 14 drums and a patch for each of them, not just the general one.
The sounds are very powerful! Boom Boom!
During installation it is possible to select a) wav-aif b) nki-exs c) dirk d) relative or absolute path (see options before starting the installation).
The previous version weighed almost as much as 400 megs less!
Drums of War captures the magnitude and essence of a forgotten battle fought in a forgotten
place. The trepidation that proceeds battle can be found in the depth of Hells Deep Sub Boomz
echo the warmth of a call that inspired the timid long ago. Ancient Torture Drum brings to mind
long-extinct trees and the skins of beasts that havent been seen on the earth in millennia.
War Ensemble is reminiscent of grand, prehistoric armies that stormed across a rugged landscape,
terrorizing all in their wake. Titan Ensemble can help to evoke the courage of battle-weary
soldiers or the fear of the death knells call.
Pristine 24 / 96k Recordings at the legendary Manhattan Center Studios
Unprocessed natural cinematic sonic quality
100% Natural Reverberation
Live ensemble playing
Extensive 5 Dynamic Layer Patches each using Level based Round Robin programming
Truly Random Round Robin Scripting *
Quick EQ GUI using pre-selected frequencies for quick and accurate equalization
Alternate Takes Included (Up to RR X13)

release info :
AudioP2P Release Notes #

The Orginal CineSamples.Drums.Of.War.KONTAKT-AudioP2P Has Been Nuked By Us

Please Perge / Mark It Nuked. Reason: Improper And Incomplete Release.


On A Side Note. CineSamples Apears To Be Using Chicken System Intergration To Water Mark

Their Samples. We Have Found A Bug / Mistake With This Release And Offer 9,999 Keys To Be Used

For Installing This Pack. WAV / AIF And Kontakt / ESX24 Are Available And They Are Using

MultiFormat Installer Software Witch Is used By Other Sample Companies Untill A Way Is

Found To Decompress The Source Samples Files Before They Are Writen By The Installer To

Include Serial Key Information Stamp On The Source Files. We As Always Do Recomend You Buy

A Copy To Protect Your @ss If Used OutSide The Hobbiest World.