Sonart Audio – Colour Sonics Pianos 2.0 Pro Collection (KONTAKT) [ISO]

developer: sonart audio
site: _http: //
format: nki, wave
quality: 24 bits 44100 kHz

Description: CS Piano V.2.0 is the next generation of virtual piano supreme
realistic that will make your dreams come true!
CS Piano V.2.0 gated in perfect acoustics environment with
each note at 20 speeds for 40 seconds plus piano release and noise layers
using top line microphones and preamps recorded at 44.1 kHz / 24 bit. IN
All in all, work on ‘CS Piano’ took two years. Used as the Sonics color experts,
and extract from the partners of the company.

Features in detail:
High-precision emulation of the legendary grand piano: Yamaha C7, Steinway D,
Bösendorfer 290, Baldwin Vertical
Unique high definition sampling technology.
New technology “AudioCoreOptimization”.
Faithful piano reproductions including liberation and hammer sounds.
Unprecedented control over audio performance.
Up to 20 stereo dynamic level!
More than 22,000 samples.
Extremely low processor
installation: mount to “alcohol”, after opening, copy to the storage location of the KONTAKT libraries, open through the factory library or through the file as shown in the photo

Disc 1: Baldwin Vertical
Disc 2: Bosendorfer 290
Disc 3: Sonar Rock C7
Disc 4: Sonar Symphonic 290
Disc 5: Rhodes MKI, Rhodes MKII, Stenway D, Wurlitzer, Yamaha C7
Disc 6: Yamaha CP 80