Precisionsound – Persian Santur (SF2, WAV, KONTAKT, HALION)


Developer: Precisionsound
24bit WAV

Persian Santur is an instrument with 3 octave ranges.
Similar types of instruments are used all over the world.
Santoor in India, Yang qin in China, Hammered Dulcimer in England and Hackbräde in Sweden. They differ slightly in the number of strings and timbre, but with similar builds.
Full Persian Santur contains 241 WAV Stereo 24 bit;
Description in English
The Persian Santur is a trapezoid shaped instrument with 72 strings and a 3 octave range.
Similar types of instrument could be found all over the world;
“Santoor” in India, “Yang qin” in China, “Hammered Dulcimer” in England and “Hackbräde” in Sweden. They are all slightly different in the amount of strings and the timbre but with similar constructions.
We have sampled the Persian Santur with 2 types of mallets in 3 velocities, “Santur 1” (hard mallets) and “Santur 2” (soft mallets). You also get a huge set of different glisses, fx both tonal and percussive divided into 6 programs.
The complete Persian Santur contains 241 24bit Stereo WAV samples;

1.8 programs for SoundFont (16bit)
2.10 programs for HALion 1.2->
3.10 programs for Kontakt 1.5 ->
4.2 Special Kontakt 2.1 programs with tremolo scripts.