Precisionsound – Peruvian Ocarina (EXS24, HALION, KONTAKT, SOUNDFONT)

Developer: Precisionsound
Format: wav, nki, sf2, exs, fxp
Quality: wav mono, 24 bits, 44100 kHz

Description: Our friends went to Peru for vacation, and returned with … an Ocarina.
Christmas is the season of giving, so we thougt, why not give it away in our turn.
Enjoy the airy sound of this tiny instrument.
The Peruvian Ocarina SampleSet contains 56 24bit mono WAV samples. 4 articulations, normal, legato, glissando and staccato.
Articulation keyswitshes are mapped at C1, C # 1, D1 and D # 1 for EXS24, HALion and Kontakt. The HALion and Kontakt versions also has the glissando articulation mapped on the modwheel.

Peruvian Ocarina:
1 program for Logic EXS24
1 program for HALion
1 program for Kontakt
4 programs for SoundFont 8 (16bit)

Ocarina is a Peruvian folk instrument. This pack contains 56 samples of four articulations (normal, legato, glissando and staccato) for EXS24, HALion, Kontakt & SoundFont.