Cinematique Instruments – Percussion Chimes (KONTAKT)

Year of issue: 2009
Developer: Cinematique Instruments
Platform: Win \ Mac
Format: Nki, Wav
Quality: 16 Bit 44.1 kHz Mono
Tabletka: Not required

Description: The tool is as follows:
26 aluminum tubes of different lengths coated with silver alloy,
tied to a mahogany plank …
From myself: Sounds worthy, despite the small size of the library, …
This is solid Bar Chimes, with 26 aluminum chimes with silver alloy coating and red wood frame.

We recorded the bar chimes in two different ways, each having its own patch.
The first patch is Chimes 26:
We recorded every single one of the 26 bars and programmed and arranged the real vibrations and response of the bar chimes. You can control the most important parameters (Tone, Response, Delay, Reverb), though you’re free to build your own sound, whether you want solo bar chimes or a mellow glissando sound in the background.
The second instrument is Chimes 26 rct:
We recorded the real interaction of the bar chimes, meaning that every note you play contains the vibrations of two or three neighboring bars. You can control the amount of stereo, reverb and delay ..
Both instruments allow completely new playing possibilities for bar chimes in real time.