Native Instruments – Abbey Road: 70s Drums (KONTAKT, NKI, NKX, NKC)

Publisher: Native Instruments


Quality: 24bit 44100Hz

Library from the legendary English studio, developed in collaboration with engineers from NI. The basis is made up of two classic drum kits from the 70s. Amazing, authentic sound and deep and detailed control. Everything you need to get the sound you want – from classic to modern – is hidden in three optional windows: Drums, Mixer, and Options. Over 32,000 samples in the highest quality 24-bit, 44.1 kHz. 34 articulation options. More than 6 hit variations on one layer for unprecedented realism. 2 options per snare drum for each kit. In general, the library’s potential is huge.
The top panel of the Drums window, where you can adjust settings, overdubs and mic mix for each drum individually. The kick drum has additional controls for adjusting the balance between the microphones inside and outside the drum. Likewise, for the kick drum, you can adjust the balance between the top and bottom mics. When choosing percussion, you can choose tambourine, clapperboard, stick-on-shackle, shaker and Cowbell, or rattles and rototoms. The bottom panel allows you to select the articulation for the selected drum. For example, when selecting the snare drum, you can select different types of articulation such as hits from center, halfway, rimshot, fawn, roll and others. In the Mixer window, you can control the levels of various microphones.

You will also find panning, routing and Solo / Mute controls here. On the left side are the direct channels of the upper microphone and the room microphones on the right. Each track can be routed to multiple outputs using the dropdown menu below each fader, depending on your sound card and your KONTAKT output settings. The ‘Drums’ and ‘Percussion’ buttons located in the upper right corner switch from direct microphone control from regular drums (kick, snare, hi-hat and toms) to percussion instruments (tambourines, claps, shakers, bells, roto toms, and stick hits). The Options window contains various options that allow you to fine-tune the sound of ABBEY ROAD 70s | DRUMS and give some life to your drums. Additional realism, parameters of volume, speed, time, pitch and EQ can be random. In addition, the ‘Exclude Direct Mics’ parameter allows you to exclude direct microphone samples from random mode.

This allows you to create amazing shock chains while avoiding unnecessary nuances in the “random” auto mode. XBBEY ROAD | 70s DRUMS is the second of Native Instruments’ collaborations with Abbey Road Studios London. This KONTAKT Instrument contains no emulations or modeling of any kind – ABBEY ROAD | 70s DRUMS is built entirely of high-quality samples of two distinctive vintage drum kits from the 1970s, made accessible via an easy-to-use interface newly created in conjunction with the Abbey Road experts. Made up of thousands of painstakingly sampled hits, every sound in this KONTAKT Instrument was recorded in Abbey Road’s legendary Studio Two using classic vintage equipment from that period. ABBEY ROAD 70s | DRUMS also includes mapping templates for instant play via E-Drums and drum software! Two highly-sought after vintage drum kits were chosen by Abbey Road and Native Instruments sound engineers to give two highly distinctive 70s drum sounds.

The Open Kit is a Ludwig ™ Vistalite Tequila Sunrise from 1972 with a 26 “kick drum, 14” rack tom and 16 “and 18” floor toms. Recorded in the legendary Studio Two of Abbey Road, this kit provides the big roomy sound immortalized on countless classic rock recordings. The Tight Kit is a vintage 1970s Premier model with 22 “kick drum, 13” rack tom, 14 “and 16” floor toms. The samples from this kit were also recorded in Studio Two of Abbey Road, but dedicated acoustic panels were put around the kit to achieve the tight, punchy and dry sound that was very popular throughout the 70s. ABBEY ROAD | 70s DRUMS were recorded using an EMI TG MKIII mixing console and 16-track analogue 2-inch tape machine using 1970s professional Dolby Noise Reduction and Ampex 456 tape. Each kit was recorded with an array of microphones including classic Neumann®, AKG® and Beyerdynamic® models from the studio’s vast microphone collection – one of the largest in the world. The individual direct and room microphone signals are all separately adjustable – giving you detailed control of the overall sound.