Native Instruments – Evolve Mutations 2: Cinematic Sound Design (KONTAKT, NKI, NKX, NKC)

Publisher: Native Instruments


Quality: 24bit 44100Hz

Release group: DYNAMiCS [REPACK]

Based on the Kontakt engine, a tool for composers in film, television and games. Developed in collaboration with the sound design house Heavyocity and powered by the Kontakt engine, Evolve Mutations 2 includes an arsenal of expressive instruments, rhythms and environments that can add depth and action to any dramatic piece of music. Evolve Mutations 2 contains over 300 new sounds based on 2 GB of exceptionally high quality samples. The material organizes four categories providing key elements for the best search results:
Rhythm Sets include active drum and tonal loops, complemented by individual cuts and keybindings.

Drum Kits that let you create original drum layers.
Strings and Transitions supports the composition with striking and disturbing transition elements.
Key and Effects provides a range of highly expressive, evocative instruments and pads.

Evolve Mutations 2 also introduces the new “Trigger FX” feature, a versatile and intuitive audio processing section that takes full advantage of Kontakt’s effects capabilities. With Trigger FX, keys within a certain octave on the keyboard trigger a variety of defined sound treatments, including saturation, panning, delay effects, and more, which can be intuitively layered and combined to create exciting special effects and transformations on the fly. Evolve Mutations 2 offers intuitive playback and sound shaping functionality within the free Kontakt Player software, and can also be loaded into the full version of the Kontakt 4 sampler for advanced sound editing.