Soundiron – Iron Throne (KONTAKT, NKI, SFZ, WAV)

Manufacturer: Microhammer (Tonehammer division)
Format: Kontakt, SFZ, .wav
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

Description: This collection of dark and eerie metal drums and effects is ideal for use in horror films, sound design, in special effects and post-production, in experimental and ambient music, and in general in anything you want. Everything that can make them was used to create these demo sounds: bows, hammers, metal rods, rubber balls, fingers, fists, drum sticks, nylon, metal brushes, rasps and much more.
A great library of artistic rattles, noises, squeaks and bumps. It’s not easy for you to hammer on a steel plate.

Content :
Dry sampled / convolution reverb included in the library.
Core articulations include:
Bowed sustains
Bowed stabs and fx
Rubber malleted
Mallet strikes