Cosmo D – Solo Cello Vol. 2 (KONTAKT, WAV)

Format: kontakt, wav
Quality: 24 bits, 44100 kHz

Description: Cosmo D ‘provides a cello solo music library. The various sonic nuances of the cello are explored in Vol. 2, pizzicato, experimental sound and loops for those actively interested in establishing a single and unique cello sound.

Regular Pizz (piano, mezzo & forte)
Short Pizz (piano, mezzo & forte)
Snap pizz
Snap short pizz
Invididual Loops (~ 3000 files, 2.20 gigabytes):

Arco and Pizzicatto in All Twelve Keys, Major and Minor In eight seperate BPMs:
70 bpm
80 bpm
90 bpm
100 bpm
110 bpm
120 bpm
130 bpm