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Native Instruments – Abbey Road: 80s Drums (KONTAKT, NKI, NKX, NKC)

Publisher: Native Instruments


Quality: 24bit 44100Hz

Release group: AudioP2P

Continued collaboration between Native Instruments and Abbey Road London. Over 40,000 samples, 19.8GB (7.7GB thanks to Kontakt compression technology). Up to 27 layers per aciculation. Up to 6 variations on one bike for realism. Special Mono and Gate samples in addition to Direct mic., Overhead mic. and Room mic. No emulations or simulations. Only true sound. This time, two drum kits were sampled in the highest quality: The Black Kit is the Yamaha 9000 itself from the mid-80s. At one time, she made a revolution and is reputed to be one of the most recorded drum kits in history.

And The Chrome Kit is Slingerland Magnum.xABBEY ROAD | 80s DRUMS is the third chapter in Native Instruments’ partnership with Abbey Road Studios London. As with the previousABBEY ROAD | 60s and70s DRUMS Instruments, no emulations or modeling of any kind were used. Instead, ABBEY ROAD | 80s DRUMS consists entirely of high-quality samples of two premium drum kits recorded in the legendary spaces of Abbey Road’s Studio Two and Three. Thousands of individual hits were meticulously recorded with period microphones, classic British pre-amps and outboard gear from the studio’s impressive collection.

Two outstanding kits that helped define the sound of the 1980s were chosen by Abbey Road and Native Instruments sound engineers to form the basis of this KOMPLETE Instrument. The Black Kit, recorded in Studio Three, is a vintage Yamaha 9000 from the mid 80s. In its time, the 9000 was a ground breaking design and became wildly popular – subsequently earning a reputation as one of the most recorded drum kits in history. The Chrome Kit is a Slingerland Magnum fitted with single-headed concert toms. The concert tom concept was very fashionable during the decade and Magnum series was the manufacturer’s top of the line range in the 1980s. The snare drums used include Ludwig, Gretsch, Slingerland and Pearl models. And of course, no 1980s drum kit would be complete without a full set of Octobans – melodically tuned tubular toms that were popular among many of the decade’s top drummers. One instantly recognizable element of 1980s pop and rock is the sound of drums recorded with gated ambience.

A gate placed over the ambience microphones would cut the decay of the room resulting in a large, but simultaneously tight drum sound. For this project two sets of heavily compressed ambient microphones have been recorded, and subsequently gated within the software. ABBEY ROAD 80s | DRUMS includes a dedicated page where you can separately add a gated effect to your drums. The gated signal is not an emulation but consists of high-quality samples of the room ambience at Abbey Road Studios where the drum kits themselves were recorded.

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