PrecisionSound – Nordic Low Whistle (KONTAKT, NKI, WAV)

Publisher: PrecisionSound

Format: NKI.WAV

Quality: 24bit 44100Hz

The Scandinavian or “shepherd’s” flute is a Swedish folk musical instrument, cylindrical in shape, created by the artisan Gunnar Stenmark. The model is the result of the evolution of a folk instrument for use by musicians. Specifically shown here is a spruce wood flute with 7 valves. She has a soft, rich tone, ideal for adding variety to the palette of ethnic instruments.

The “Härjedalspipa”, “shepherds flute” in our context called the Nordic Low Whistle, is a Swedish cylindrical flute, build by craftsman Gunnar Stenmark. The model is a result of folk music research, and has also been further developed by musician’s preferences. This particular instrument is a seven-hole whistle, made of slow grown fir-wood. The Nordic Low Whistle has a breathy warm and rich tone, ideal for ethnic and earthy colors to your sound palette.