Soundiron – Ambius 1 Transmissions (KONTAKT)

Manufacturer: Tonehammer
Format: nki, wav
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

Description: This is the first product in the new Ambius series, in which Tonehammer decided to focus on dark, mysterious, unreal and downright scary sounds. All sounds in this library (ambiences, drones, pads and evolving “synth”) are made by hand. No synthesizers were used. Either live instruments or natural and man-made sounds were used. To create the library, the Tonehammer specialists used various methods of processing and morphing sound.
The tools are divided into 3 main categories (Tuned, Melodic and Horror). There are 288 patches and 352 loops (2.5 GB total) plus a set of impulses for reverb.

Content :
This massive collection of ambiences, drones, pads and evolving “synth” leads were each created by hand. Every sound you hear was hand-crafted using only organic field and instrument recordings. In fact, no synthesizers were used in the creation of this library at all. We used a variety of custom techniques to blend, warp, shape and layer the sounds, taking them from the realm of the known into that of the very unknown. The instruments you’ll find in this collection range from simple, clean, tonal leads to compound, constantly moving sound-scapes and textures.

Tuned Solo:
Clusterbells – Dark, sustaining bell-like drones with a searing top end, these make for great pads and leads. Dig – This set has tonal and textural similarities to a wall of didgeridoos, with plenty of muddy, complex bass and mid tones.
Musiox – Clean, crisp sustaining bell tones
Pangubus – Clouds of vast, warm organ-like texture, morphed with deep brass bells
Pianus – Sustain drawn to in¬nity.
Protus – Similar in nature to the pangubus, but darker, crisper and yet more dissonant.

Melodic Pads:
Para-orchestral – Orchestral atmospheres and pads, from light and harmonic to dark and discordant.
Re-choral – Choir-like pads and atmospheres, from light and harmonic to dark and discordant.
Transmusical – Dark, evolving, dissonant complex ambient drones
Horror drones, textures and ambiences:
Drill-o-phone – tuned lead instrument created from a dental drill grinding into tooth enamel
The root canal – pads and ambiences created from an actual root canal procedure
EVP – Evil transmissions from the other side, ranging from mystical to horrific
Industry- Dark machines at work.
Panorganics – Strange alien biological auditory experimentation
Rictus – sickly neon lights
Swarming – great killer bee swarms and locust plagues
Winds – storm winds howling through the cracks and endless hallways of an ancient factory building.