Art Vista – Virtual Grand Piano v2.3 (KONTAKT)

Publisher: Art Vista


Quality: 24bit 44100Hz

System requirements: Kontakt 4

Virtual grand piano based on the Native Instruments Kontakt sampler. The sound library includes samples from a top-class 1960 Hamburg Steinway “B” concert grand piano. The instrument is sampled both in the original sound and with the acoustics of the room. The presets are divided into 4 groups with different dynamic response, for compatibility with all keyboards. The set includes more than 200 presets, including those simulating the technical parameters of the most famous piano recordings in all kinds of styles, from the 1950s to 2005. Reproduces a variety of dynamic characteristics of the instrument, corresponding to the genres of classical, pop, rock, jazz and gospel music …
The Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano – Hamburg Steinway B Concert Grand has been digitized and converted to VSTi so that you can enjoy the realism of this grand piano from the comfort of your room. It consists of seven main presets: Classic Piano, Pop Piano, Jazz Piano, Gospel Piano, Rock Piano, Light Piano, Pompressed Piano. The instrument has eight adjustable sound parameters. VGP 2.0 offers stunningly realistic piano presets for every possible recording genre, emulating famous piano recordings from the 1950’s until today. It plays like a real piano with perfectly authentic touch from every keyboard – just choose your keyboard from a list. There is complete control of all recording parameters in this 1960 Hamburg Steinway Model “B” virtual instrument. A new feature is “Musical” pedal sounds interpreting and adjusting to your playing.
Virtual Grand Piano Version 2.0 now includes a large number of calibrated keyboard-specific presets, and allows you to choose your controller keyboard from a list. This ensures a 100% accurate keyboard touch and playback response, no matter which keyboard controller is used to play the software. Other new features are: numerous recording / playing styles presets available directly from the main interface, release samples on / off controllable from interface, three-band parametric EQ, exciter, surround sound panning, “musical” sustain pedal noises that interprets and adjusts to playing style, compression in three levels as well as tape saturation, reverb on / off with control of parameters from interface, accurate authentic handling of release sample playback when triggered by sustain pedal release, and programmable user presets. Virtual Grand Piano Version 2.0 also has improved unisons and minor tuning corrections.
Virtual Grand Piano 2.0 offers full backwards compatibility with version 1.0, and all presets from the previous version are available in version 2.0, including a large number of “Recording Styles” presets emulating piano sounds from famous piano recordings of all genres from 1950 until today.
Virtual Grand Piano 2.0 is based on Native Instruments’ Kontakt 2 Player engine, and it is now compatible also with Mac-Intel (UB) computers. All major plug-in formats are supported, and the software can also be used as a stand-alone application.

  1. Install.
  2. Maintain the serial number (Keygen)
  3. At the end of the installation, launch the Registration Tool, and enter the authorization code. The library’s peculiarity is that it is sharpened for Kontakt Player. Full Kontakt will not display the wallpaper. That is, everything plays, but without a colorful background.