Audio Genetics Lab – Native Flute (KONTAKT, NKI, WAV)


Publisher: AudioGeneticsLab

Format: NKI.WAV

Quality: 24bit 96Hz Flute sampled at 96kHz.24bit,

the material is absolutely clean, without any effects, but the list of patches is varied. request for investigating the aural genetic code of an unknown flute specimen, we immediately accepted the challenge. Aerophones have been known to inhabit musical space for tens of thousands of years. It is theorized that there may well have been early flutelike instruments evolving even before the hominids that would later play them using advanced embouchure techniques (see figure 2.6).

For reasons of privacy and national security, we cannot reveal the exact identity of the aerophone used for this genetic mutation project. However, it is the belief of the lab that the sound of the instrument is the real identity, and we are very pleased with the timbres yielded from the compression and rarefaction of air generated by expelling oxygen and carbon dioxide gases through the aerophonic pipeway.

There is a large volume of existing literature and research surrounding genetic sampling of typical flute performance including legato and staccato playing styles. For this reason, our researchers focused their energy on carefully collecting the wilder side of these audio specimens and worked to develop a number of core effects patches as our starting point in research. These effects include fluttering crescendos, boomerangs, overblown accents, short phrases, fading out repetitions, and more.

The sounds were captured at a sampling rate of 96kHz to allow for the highest detail and flexibility when modifying the natural code into the mutation performances. This high sampling rate also allows for higher quality pitch adjustments when a user wants to incorporate the effect samples into their own compositions and research by stretching the tuning to an appropriate key.
After our foundational research was in place with these raw effects, we then got about with breaking ground on new audio genetic offspring derived from the core framework. Our researchers have come up with a number of stable specimens that offer new textures and timbres previously left unidentified in the hidden code of the aerophone. This specimen’s purity of tone left it particularly suitable to building lush and shimmering textured pads, and many such patches are found in the mutations folder. Magnifying the data to the extreme, you’ll also find sounds suitable for processed electronic percussion, subwoofer-driven bass, and distorted lines.

The Native Flute collection is designed for use in Kontakt 3.5 systems, and encompasses more than 30 patches. See below for complete patch listing. In our continuing efforts to offer audio specimens to the public with an emphasis on affordability and usability