Brickwall Audio – Deviant Atmospheres (WAV, KONTAKT)

Manufacturer: Brickwall Audio
Year of issue: 2010
Format: Wav / Kontakt
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

DEVIANT ATMOSPHERES aims to capture the true, dark production ready cinematic ambience and sound design needed for today’s film, tv and games productions! The inspiration for this library comes from the big-budget promotional campaigns for tv and film!
Sound sources used to create this library are as varied as they are fresh – processed hand built prayer-bell type percussion, floor toms, stretched, filtered and generally abused field recordings and even a man-handled egg timer!

The library consists of NKM format multi setups, using the individual NKI patches as building blocks. While there’s 50 patches included, they are just a starting point for experimentation and further processing! The “Main” patches are ambient, atmospheric type sounds. The “Impacts” folder contains huge booms, bangs, reversed elements and “rumpfs”. The “Bonus” folder contains found sounds, special fx type recordings as well as a reprogrammed “best of” selection from the earlier free Kontakt instruments.

The “Loops” folder contains 10 constructions kits (full mix, separate low, mid and high elements) in tempos 100-180 BPM. The loops use Time Machine 2 to enable playback at various tempos. Last, but most definitely not least, is a full set of chopped up, single drum hits enabling you to create your own beats.