PMI – Historic Keyboards (NKI, KONTAKT)

Manufacturer: Post Musical Instruments
Website: _http: // SubCat = Historic + Keyboards
Format: NKI
Quality: 16 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

Description: A dynamic library consisting of Flemish (Belgian) and French harpsichords, virginal and early piano. The harpsichords are sampled so that you can play two manuals (keyboards) separately or in combination.

Content :
French Harpsichord,
Belgian Harpsichord,

Additional Information :
This dynamic library features: Flemish Harpsichord, Frensh Harpsichord, a Virginal and a unique Fortepiano. The harpsichords have been sampled so that you can get both manuals separately and combined. You can even use a key switch to change the registration (from upper manual only, to lower manual to both at the same time) while playing. All instruments are captured with their release sounds, giving them an unbelievable realistic quality.