Crysonic – Everything Bundle 2014 (VST, AU) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

Year / Date of Issue: 12.2014
Version: 2014
Developer: Crysonic
Developer website:
Format: VST
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka: Present
System requirements: Windows 2000 … +,
256 MB Ram
Pentium III 1000 MHz
VST Supporting Host application


Crysonic ANUNA is a mastering equalizer. The plug-in will provide pure analog sound at the output, and is easy to use, gives fast results and excellent sound in almost all situations related to audio material mastering.

Crysonic CRYQ (32bit) – Recreates the characteristic sound of some of the most popular classic equalizers of the past.

Crysonic INPRESSA V2 is a multi-band compressor offering zero delay, stereo and mono compatibility with unique patented technology for flexibility and total creative freedom. Surpassing many other similar vst plugins, INPRESSA achieves professional, modern and vintage sound on individual buses and master mixes. INPRESSA uses double precision processing and very high quality filter crossover in its work, which practically prevents leakage into adjacent compressible bands. All available options support automation

Crysonic NEWB V4 – newB increases the amount of bass by adding / mixing specific sub-harmonics from the original bass sound, thus allowing our brains to hear more low frequencies than in the original audio material. The newB process conceptually enhances bass performance on high and low quality consumer loudspeakers, on a scale from hi-fi systems to simple tweeters commonly found on computers.

Crysonic NXTASY V3 (32bit) is a plugin that is designed to add extra warmth to sound with a very intuitive and unique user interface

Crysonic RADAMETER – The RADAMETER virtual loudness meter ($ 169) with a radar-like display allows you to measure short-term and continuous loudness as well as dynamic range. All major standards are supported (ATSC A / 85, ITU BS.1770-2, EBU R128, BCAP, ARIB, ABC, AGCOM219), up to six channels, automation, host synchronization, marker creation, scaling. There is an input level control.

The Crysonic SINDO V4 is a hybrid stereo panorama expander / narrower that provides the highest level of mono compatibility with minimal side effects. The plugin has an intuitive user interface for high efficiency. SINDO allows you to expand and enrich the sound space of a track without affecting its mono compatibility and tonality. The annoying “phasing” found in other processing plug-ins of this type is eliminated by using a simple three-part processing process. Also in the plug-in there is a phase-compensated “Shaffler”, which allows you to improve the sound space of low frequencies without the effect of “phase”.

Crysonic SPECTRAC3 – allows you to adjust the harmonics of the audio signal in several octaves (ten bands, two modes: linear and pulse), as well as use a ten-band vintage equalizer, a predictive loudness maximizer with soft peak limiting and a four-band bass phase control.



Crysonic SPECTRALIVEVISION V2 is a zero-latency intelligent spectral audio vitalizer, a plug-in that, guided by psychoacoustic and audiometric principles, contributes to the creation of a more pleasant sound. Crysonic Spectralive Vision delivers unrivaled professional quality and results in seconds. The plug-in implements a unique technology developed by Crysonic, which adds more “warmth”, improves stereo coherence, significantly reduces phase distortion, reduces frequency masking, adds more presence, improves spectral clarity, reduces harmonic distortion, etc. to any audio material.

Crysonic SPECTRAPHY V3 – limiter / maximizer and currently a full-fledged multiband processor

Crysonic SPECTRAPHY LE (32bit)

Crysonic SPECTRAQ (32bit) – enhances specific areas of the frequency range, enriching the harmonic state of an instrument, vocals, or improving the final balance of harmonic presentation of music, significantly contributing to clarity, expression and richness of sound.