iZotope – RX Advanced v5.00 (VST, VST3) [WIN x86 x64]

Year / Date of Issue: 10.2015
Version: 5.00
Developer: iZotope
Developer site: www.izotope.com/en/products/audio-repair/rx/
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Interface language: English
Tabletka: Present
System requirements: RX 4 runs as a standalone application, or as a suite of plug-ins for your DAW or NLE.
Windows: 7 and 8
Plug-in formats:
VST and VST 3

Description: iZotope RX is the most complete set of sound restoration tools on the market that allows you to remove noise, whistle, hum, eliminate clicks, restore clipped audio material, visually select and suppress unwanted sounds, resynthesize lost sound and much more.

Features of RX Advanced:
Dialogue Denoiser: Reduce unwanted background noise and electrical noise in dialogs in real time, without delay. With an intuitive workflow, Dialogue Denoiser is the easiest way to achieve quality results in the shortest possible time.
– Dereverb is an advanced tool for removing and reducing the dominant reverb effect from instruments and vocals. Thicken the mix by adjusting the size of any room with Dereverb
– iZotope Insight comes as an add-on plugin along with RX 3 Advanced. A comprehensive suite of measurement tools to help you stay within international loudness standards, essential for anyone looking for the best audio analysis solution.
– Asymmetric Declip: Reduce clipping with the highest precision. With independent de-clipping pairs and intelligent settings set for your waveform, it is able to improve the quality and satisfaction of your recording in just a few clicks.
– Advanced Declick module parameters: easier detection and correction of dull and uneven sounds with new Click Widening and Frequency Skew parameters
– Improved Azimuth Adjustment: Correct timing differences between stereo channels with an even more robust algorithm for timing detection and alignment.
– Center Channel Extraction: Achieve impressive noise reduction when working with stereo files of mono material. Ideal for stereo A / D conversion of mono recordings, stereo playback of mono tape, and isolating vocals from stereo music recordings.
– Pitch Loop: Correct recordings that have inconsistent playback speed with new variable sampling – ideal for vinyl or tape recordings.
– Improved time and pitch stretching