Blue Cat Audio – Blue Cats Plugn Script v2.0 (VST) [WIN x86 x64]

Year / Date of Issue: 11.2015
Version: 2.0
Developer: Blue Cat Audio
Developer site:
Format: VST
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka: Present
System requirements:
An SSE2-enabled processor (Pentium 4 or newer).
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10.
Any DirectX / VST / RTAS / AAX compatible host software (32 or 64 bit).

Description: Blue Cat’s Plug’n Script scripting plug-in that can be programmed to quickly create custom audio and MIDI effects or virtual instruments from the comfort of your favorite DAW. With this plugin, you can write your own effects with very little programming knowledge:
no need to spend time and money to learn all these plugin formats, they are all here! If you don’t need programming at all, Blue Cat’s Plug’n Script can also be used like a normal processor with existing scripts, or you can ask someone to write a very specific effect that you’ve been looking for for years and couldn’t find anywhere else. It can also be used by audio software companies to use this plugin for a fast algorithm to reduce the time it takes to develop audio products: Developing and testing scripts is lightning fast!

New in Blue Cat’s Plug’n Script 2.0:
External side chain and auxiliary outputs support (up to 16 audio outputs).
Native C / C ++ scripts support for optimal performance and flexibility.
KUIML 2.0 user interface language support to build custom user interfaces, with additional scripting capabilities.
New DSP scripts, delivered with full angelscript and C ++ source code.
21 new custom skins included.
User documentation (html or pdf) can now be added to scripts.
Custom skins can be selected directly from the main menu.
Presets can now be selected using MIDI Program change and bank select messages (can be activated with the presets menu / MIDI Program Change item).
Last loaded preset can now be saved directly from the presets menu without having to select the file.
VST: fixed latency compensation reporting in Cubase (no need to re-enable the plug-in to update the latency anymore).