Sugar Bytes – Complete Bundle (STANDALONE, VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX, AU) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

Release Date: 2015

Developer: Sugar Bytes

Developer Site:


Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit

Tablet: Present from R2R

System requirements: Windows (32/64 bit) XP or later, Supported VST hosts

Sugar Bytes Complete Bundle :

Artillery2 v.2.3.1
MIDI-controlled multi-effect plug-in that contains 28 effects assignable to keyboard zones and triggered by pressing a MIDI note.
Allows you to create an infinite number of combinations of various effects.
Consequence v.1.5.2
It is a powerful plug-in, sequencer and synthesizer all rolled into one. The sound section consists of three separate instruments in which you can choose any sounds from the 237 available. Subsequently, they can be processed with the built-in effects.
The CONSEQUENCE plugin is perfect for sounding melodic leads and pads in many electronic music genres.
Cyclop v.1.1.2
A powerful monster that grew out of all the sounds in the universe, and with it the bass – in huge quantities. Synthesis in its purest form, spectral, digital or analog. Use your own samples as a sound table, drop the sequencer orgy effect, drop filters and make bass never heard before. Cyclop is here to create a new sound.
Effectrix v.1.4.3
Multi-effect sequencer with 13 effects and a 32-step sequencer with 12 sub-patterns.
Egoist v.1.0.9
This is a groove instrument. Load any audio file and squeeze a groove out of it. Additional bass, beat and fx modules make Egoist the perfect sketching tool in the studio and on the go.
Guitarist v.1.0.3
Complete solution for creating realistic sounding electric guitar parts. Absolutely convincing guitar riffs paired with amps and effects. In fact, the guitarist is replaced by a step sequencer system that controls the playing style, chord progression, and song structure. The guitarist can play live, and with two fingers you can easily combine chords and patterns. You can select chords from the library or create your own on the fretboard. The Action section lets you tweak the sequence in real time and apply time stretching, looping, or other crazy effects. Guitarist is the new solution for guitarists, keyboardists and producers.
Looperator v.1.0.1
It allows you to create delicate rhythmic patterns with impressive pyrotechnic effects with ease and fun. Create looping action sequences, with separate settings for each amazing Looperator engine, then bring life to life using a comprehensive step-based modulation system. Redesign your grooves, cut your loops and freely assign them to each step of the Slice track, then apply rhythmic stutter steps on the Loop track, and add volume modulation and beat-crash effects using the Envelope track.
Obscurium v1.0.3
Thanks to new technologies, almost all types of synthesis are implemented in this plugin. Obscurium contains 2 oscillators – Analog and FM OSC, which in turn contain 3 internal oscillators. Each of the generators can be mixed with each other for their own unique sound.
The main purpose of the synthesizer is to create arpeggios, melodic parts, pads, effects and drum parts. All this is programmed in a 32-step step sequencer, the length of which can be changed up to one step. Each step (note) in the step sequencer can be edited and parameters such as Pitch, Cutoff, Resonance, Noize and many other parameters can be changed. And in these parameters you can adjust the Envelope, add an LFO and adjust the minimum and maximum strength of the effect. There are also global settings for Pitch, Amp Env, Mod LFO and FM OSC. Obscurium also has the ability to hand-draw each note and each step of any parameter.
Robotronic v.1.3.0
The plug-in is a hybrid of a vocoder and synthesizer. Allows you to vocalize samples using a variety of different techniques and mechanisms.
Thesys v.1.6.2
An extremely powerful intuitive plug-in, with a built-in pattern sequencer, allowing you to control almost all parameters with your favorite MIDI device. Use Thesys to create a variety of organic bass lines, screaming leads, pulsing chords and organic pads in the studio or on stage. For live musicians, Thesys provides an extremely rich palette of adjustable parameters that can be controlled directly from a MIDI keyboard: you can transpose, manipulate, twist, mutate and mutilate your patterns. No other MIDI sequencer plug-ins offers the simplicity and power of Thesys.
Turnado v.1.5.1
A revolutionary effect processor specially designed for complete real-time audio processing. Turnado contains unique dynamic effects with intuitive, direct control. Just turn it on and turn it on! The idea is simple: Turn the knob to activate the effect. Subsequent turns of the knob will adjust the effect parameters and apply modulation. Turning off the knob turns off the effect.
Unique v.1.2.1
This is a virtual analog synthesizer with advanced filtering modes and built-in multi effects with two linked FX devices.
Vogue v.1.3.2
A vocal preamp designed to lift your voice above the mix. Includes overdrive, 3-band dynamic EQ, and multi-effect section.
WOW v.1.2.0
Flexible filter plug-in combining 10 types of filters including vowel filter as well as overdrive and powerful modulation system
WOW2 v.2.1.3
The plugin supports over 21 filter modes, with many combinations, as well as distortion. This VST has long been used by many famous producers and musicians such as Boys Noise, Skrillex, Modeselektor, SiriusMo, MouseOnMars and many others.