Bitsonic – Godlike Ultimate v3.0 (VST) [WIN x86]

Year / Date of Issue: 11/22/2015
Version: 3.0
Developer: Bitsonic
Developer site:
Format: VST
Bit depth: 32bit
Tabletka: Cured
System requirements: Intel Pentium Celeron 1800 1024 Mb Ram. Microsoft XP / Vista / Windows 7/8/10 32Bit VST 2.4

Description: Bitsonic Godlike is a mastering plugin that contains some unique features that cannot be found in competitors’ products. The most important aspect of this program is that it was specially designed to emulate the behavior of analog loops and magnetic sound recording. Digital mastering often results in an unattractive, harsh sound, while analog systems with more advanced control can help achieve a softer sound. Bitsonic Godlike helps you achieve that sweet analog sound with the following features:

  1. Automate Equalizer Settings
    to remove nasty peaks.
  2. Tube Virtualiser, allowing you to properly adjust
    the amount of saturation and “warmth”.
  3. Mid-Side Matrix for Position Control
    leading instruments and vocals.
  4. Multiband stereo enhancer gives you
    control over stereo images.
  5. Multi-band compressor.
  6. Multi-band parametric equalizer.
  7. Specially designed limiter.
  8. Overdrive effect in the style of House, Electro, Trance, etc.
  9. Dedicated player to download and play
    link tracks.