u-he – Filterscape v1.4.1, Presswerk v1.1.0, Satin v1.2.0, Uhbik v1.3.1, MFM2 v2.2.1 – FIXED (VST) [WIN x86 x64]

Year / Date of Issue: 01/01/2016
Developer: u-he
Developer site: www.u-he.com/cms/
Format: VST
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka: Not required
System requirements:
Multicore CPU with SSE2
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
1GB RAM, more recommended
display 1000x600px and up


Filterscape 1.4.1
Filterscape is a sound filtering “distortion” tool that gives you maximum versatility and control.
It can be: parametric equalizer with snapshot morphing, dual virtual analog filter, sophisticated unit
delays. You can use Filterscape to bring your music to life in a billion ways. Best of all, Filterscape is fun
work environment – the GUI invites you to discover new and radical ways to create your tracks.

Presswerk 1.1.0
Presswerk is a powerful dynamic processor with a musical soul. Easy-to-use interface and rich feature set gives
give you hands-on control over every detail of your sound. Presswerk does not imitate well-known compressors, it combines heat
(whichever is possible in digital form) of classic models of hardware devices.
Satin 1.2.0
We set out on a journey back in time to the Golden Age of tape recording. We wanted to recreate all kinds of tape machines in
software from scratch. After many months of research, measurement and development of an architecture that
would be flexible enough to work with, we managed to forge this …

Uhbik 1.3.1
Uhbik is a great collection of effects for the discerning audiophile. Each plugin is wrapped in a beautiful, streamlined interface.

MFM2 2.2.1
The More Feedback Machine has always been synonymous with ultra-flexible delay effects. In the early days of native plugins, MFM1 was ahead of its time.

MFM2 continues the tradition.
The idea behind MFM is to give the musician as much control over the 4 delay lines as possible. Let them interact and offer simple
ways of modulating delay parameters in real time.
The distribution has been updated. FIXED