8Dio – Epic Tom Ensemble (KONTAKT)

Manufacturer: Tonehammer
Website: _http: //www.tonehammer.com/? P = 2135
Format: nki
Quality: 16 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

Description: This is a complete library of epic volumes, contains all the original combined Epic Toms Vol. I and Vol. II libraries (no longer released) with a lot of new features, deep programming improvements and special custom patches, as well as new components – 600Mb of epic bass and another 220Mb collection of new atmospheres and drones, plus a collection of reverb pulses.

Content :
Bass Drum Ensemble: strikes, flams and loose flams, each with 7-10 velocity layers
and 10x round-robin
Floor Tom Ensemble: strikes and flams, each with 7-10 velocity layers
and 10x round-robin
Full ensemble: strikes, 8-9 velocity layers, 10x round-robin
Full ensemble: rimclicks, 5 velocity layers, 10x round-robin
4 Octabans: strikes, 7-8 velocity layers, 10x round-robin
3 roto toms: strikes, 9-10 velocity layers, 10x round-robin
11, 12 & 13 rack / floor tom set: strikes, 7-8 velocity layers, 10x round-robin
Drum Stick clacks: 7-8 velocity layers, 10x round-robin
Male vocal ensemble yells and shouting crecendos: each with 2 velocities
and 10x round-robin
NEW !! 4 custom sound-designed industrial percussion fx patches
NEW !! Collection of convolution reverb impulses, captured in our classic epic hall.
NEW !! Deeply sampled Solo Bass Drum, with 3 different stereo mic positions in two
different epic halls. 15-22 velocity layers, 10x round robin
NEW !! 6 unique playable ambient multitimbral drones and morphinh soundscapes, all
created from Epic Toms source material.
Core instrument patch mapping and programming improvements
Extensive read me install, patch and hint documentation (.pdf)
28 Kontakt patches and multis
2478 samples, 1.48 GB installed