Precisionsound – Moldova Concert Cimbalom (KONTAKT)

Manufacturer: Precisionsound
Website: _http: //
Format: NKI FXP
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

Description: An excellent library of Moldovan concert cymbals I recommend!) Nice sound … Wide range – 5 octaves. Recorded in three types: with a soft, medium and heavy timbre, that is, for every taste)
Soft mallets
Middle / Medium mallets
Hard mallets

Additional Information :
This concert Cimbalom was made in Republic of Moldova in 1990.
The range of the instrument is: B1 – F # 6 – American designation but
has been mapped as B0 – F # 5 to smoother support 5 octave keyboards
mostly used by DAW based musicians.
There was three pair of mallets used at the recording:
Soft mallets – made in Hungary.
Middle / Medium mallets – made in Moldova.
Hard mallets – made in Romania.
The recording was made in the “Usachevsky” studio at the University of Utah,
and the instrument was played by Igor Iachimciuc, who is known as one of the
best Cimbalom players / composers in Moldova.
All notes in the instruments whole range have been recorded in 3 velocity
layers for all the 3 mallet types in both sustained and damped versions.
Above that we also recorded Harmonics (sustained) and the Moldova Cimbalom
played with nails (Pizzicato), both sustained and damped and to round
it of a huge selection of clusters and effects has been recorded.
Two microphones for stereo realization have been utilized (AKG 414) and
the recording was made on a Pro Tools system.