Tonehammer – Gnomehammer (KONTAKT, WAV)

Manufacturer: Tonehammer (Microhammer)
Format: nki, wav
Quality: 16/24 bit, 44.1 kHz, stereo

Description: Gnomehammer Series Sample Library
Description from Promt: This bizarre collection of quasi-musical quirks was mostly captured in one epic recording session somewhere around Thanksgiving im 2009 at Tonehammer Studios, involving lots of Belgian beer, balloons, helium, oxygen deprivation, us and a few of our loved ones friends. While there is a bit of a winter or even some sort of pseudo-nativity theme running through this library, it’s definitely meant to fitin well with content from Tonehammer’s Anti-Drum and Mini-Series of libraries.

Gnomehammer content :
Ball choir
Helium choir
Holy Ambience
PVC Beatbox Ensemble
Sleigh bells
Snow drums
Toy glockenspiel
Wintery pod


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