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Discovery Firm – 8 Bit Family Vol.1-2 (WAV, REX, EXS24, HALION, BATTERY, KONTAKT, RNS)

Manufacturer: Discovery Firm
Website: Discovery Firm Vol.1
Discovery Firm Vol.2
Format: Wav, Rex, Exs24, Halion, BATTERY, KONTAKT, RNS
Quality: 16 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

Description: Discovery Firm 8 Bit Family is a multi-format sampler library that contains various melodies and loops from popular old video games such as “Super Mario Brothers”, “Pac Man”, “Invader Game”. In this long-awaited library you will find square waves, triangle waves and various sounds that, despite their simplicity, have been preserved by the manufacturer in their original sound. You can use these sounds to create simple melodies or as light sound effects. It also includes software for the EXS24 sample libraries and a file for Halion. We all know that “New is old well forgotten”, which is why the Discovery Firm 8 Bit Family may also return as a new trend in the world of music.

Content :
371 Wav Loops
371 Rex Loops
27 Exs24 Files
2 Halion Files
277 Wav Loops
267 Rex Loops
KONTAKT 27 programs
BATTERY 1 program
RNS for REASON 3.0.4 55 programs

It has been over 25 years since the global disco sound boom of the 1970’s “Saturday Night Fever” music scene. These disco sounds were unstoppable during the era, however they quickly faded do to their formulaic nature. By the ’80s, disco was obsolete. During that period, the video arcade game phenomenon was conquering every coffee shop and mall around the world. The lo-fi “bit” sound was exploding in popularity, as the catchy sound of “Pac Man” and the like bleeped around the planet.
The library introduced here is the collection of sound loops from early, beloved video games. Despite the simple kitschiness, the 8-bit sound (a rectangle wave, a triangular wave, and noise), has become a treasured piece of pop culture, and is making a comeback in today’s music.
“8 Bit Family” was crowned with “KEY BUY AWARD” by KEYBOARD magazine. This is the second such splendid achivement for Discovery; “The Legend Of China” received the first such award.
In 2003, Discovery released “8BIT FAMILY” – a classic sample CD-ROM stuffed to the gills with sounds of the old videogames. It has since become notorious the world over, received unanimous acclaim and even been crowned the “KEY BUY AWARD” by US KEYBOARD magazine in its July ’03 issue.
Due to overwhelming demand and as a direct response to the feedback generated by the 1st edition, “8BIT FAMILY 2” has now been delivered. “8BIT FAMILY 2” contains over 530MB of 16-bit, 44.1 kHz recordings in Acidized WAV, REX2, KONTAKT, BATTERY and RNS (REASON3.0.4) formats. Its standout feature is without a doubt its convenient and comprehensive range of “Construction Kits” …
The main bulk of the 55 included kits enable users to produce interesting, complete compositions via a combination of Drum Loops, Bass Loops, Synth Loops and Vox Loops. The process of accessing and manipulating these files is made simple via the inclusion of a table of contents with the sample CD, as well as some helpful Battery and Kontakt programs. Minimal fuss – maximum music!
To sum up: this new edition contains multi-format samples in a wide variety of styles and tempos to help expand the user’s production environment. All you need is a MIDI keyboard, and you’ll be cooking up crazy creations within minutes! “8BIT FAMILY 2” is not restricted to those who only like dance music beats – its samples and sounds work well with all genres.
Pick up this comprehensive and well-put together package of vintage videogame sounds today, and relive those classic nerdy moments in your music compositions!


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