Waldorf Music – Analog Voltage Soundset by Don Solaris (MIDI)

Publisher: Waldorf Music
Website: Waldorf Music
Format: MIDI
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Originally started as a quiz game on a music forum in which users had to guess which sounds came from Blofeld and which ones came from Juno 60. Sounds were carefully programmed in Blofeld to match Juno 60 as close as possible. Result: about 50% of people cannot tell one from the other.

Content :
Encouraged by that, Solaris went one step further, pulling out his old vintage analog synths off the storage area and going for the hard work of measuring the behavior, parameter and modulation ranges, etc of originals and then programming those as close as possible into Blofeld …
Source units featured: Juno 60, JX-3P, MKS-50, MonoPoly, Pro One, Prophet 5, Jupiter 8, OB-X and some others. Hence the title, Analog Voltage. The set consists of 128 patches of which 60 are analog synth style patches, 35 analog bass patches and 33 range from ambient, classic FM to special FX.
128 patches total:
60 analog synth style patches
35 analog bass patches
33 additional patches ranging from ambient, classic FM to special FX
By category:
36 Bass type patches
22 Pad type patches
17 Atmo type patches
14 Poly type patches
11 Keys type patches
10 Arpeggio type patches
9 Lead type patches
4 FX type patches
4 Perc type patches