Chris Hein – Winds Compact (KONTAKT)


Publisher: Chris Hein
Sales site: bestservice
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz mono


Description: Orchestral wind instruments for your computer in unheard of perfection!
Chris Hein Winds Compact is a light version of the unique four-part Winds Complete library. She offers the same number of instruments: four flutes, three clarinets, three oboes and three bassoons.

For the compact version, we have collected the most important and common elements and features of the full version. At the same time, this woodwind library undoubtedly meets the highest standards for the highest sound quality, expressiveness and applicability. The library’s tools use carefully crafted multisamples with detailed phase alignment to correctly phase match and dynamic layer crossfades. Up to eight dynamic layers guarantee realistic sound.

The exceptional and versatile sound quality of Chris Hein’s Winds Compact makes it the ideal addition to any orchestral library, especially for woodwind performances whether in classical works, epic film scores or orchestral pop ballads.
Among the undeniable advantages of the library are true legato, variable attack on a note, innovative aids such as hotkeys, note headers and remote control of all functions via MIDI via TouchOSC.

If you don’t need the sheer volume of articulations required by many elaborate scores, Chris Hein Winds Compact offers an efficient selection of woodwinds to meet the highest sonic expectations.

Chris Hein Winds Compact relies on the powerful Kontakt sampler engine, with its custom-tailored user interface and extensive scripting suite, to meet the specific requirements of these instruments.

Both high-quality equipment, such as select Neumann microphones, and outstanding performances of musicians create a sound aesthetic. Unlike the award-winning Chris Hein – Horns, this library uses the famous WDR Symphonic Orchestra.

All instruments were recorded individually, avoiding crosstalk. Despite this, CH Winds Compact has the inevitable interaction of an orchestra. Therefore, the participating musicians used monitoring headphones to complement each other.


With double convolution of the sample engine reverb and Chris Hein Winds Compact’s intentionally dry sound, you can easily adapt instruments to different situations. Kontakt allows you to freely place instruments in the stereo panorama. In addition, separate convolution mechanisms for both body (body) and ambience (room) sound allow for any spatial environment, from intimacy to large orchestra halls. This distinguishes CH Winds Compact from many competitors with its fixed spatial characteristics. This makes the library very versatile and, moreover, it can be combined with almost any other library available.
Over a period of six months, all samples were fully phase-matched. Accordingly, the instruments offer perfect, seamless transitions of dynamic layers without compromising sound quality.
Combining long and short notes is a serious problem in sample libraries and often doesn’t produce authentic sounding results. With real musical instruments, note length often affects attack behavior as well as note ending. CH Winds Compact addresses these aspects in their “Note Head Designer”. For each sustain, you can call up short, adjusted variations of the samples, called shorts, via the controllers.
These shorts not only offer the appropriate correct attack behavior, but also a note ending that matches the note length perfectly. These user-defined short note variations are available on up to eight dynamic layers each and can be combined with the appropriate sustained phases, resulting in amazing, lifelike results that can’t be achieved with random RR selection. Of course, these shorts are also available in custom designs.
Chris Hein Winds Compact instruments offer true legato. Appropriate detailed recording and editing results in unexpectedly realistic sounds with perfect transitions between notes. At the same time, you can expand these realistic articulations with additional artificial legato inserts.