Soniccouture – Moonkits 1.1.0 (KONTAKT)


Publisher: Soniccouture
Website: soniccouture
Format: KONTAKT 6.4.2+
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo


Description: Modern drum sets with a brush.
Moonkits: A mission to explore the softer side of the drum kit.
Brushes, but not only for jazz. Also rods, hammers, tea sticks: everything that softens the attack and allows the texture to sing.
Moonkits was deliberately recorded with increased detail at low velocities, because not all tracks are rock and roll. And you don’t have to trash the rig! Just a great touch and feel.
Moonkits includes 80 pre-installed kits ready to go.
Each kit has its own groove set up and ready to be dragged and dropped like MIDI.


New in version
NEW 1.1.0 – 2021-08-27
ADDED Features
-Room Mic Lign Option
-Tool Tips
FIXED Issues
– Crash options menu
– Swing calculations fixed in Beat Shift and Euclid
– Beatshifter chance of 0 no longer possible at 100%


24/48khz stereo sampling
Up to 116 velocity layers per drum
Anti-repeat ’round-robin’ algorithm
Brushes, rods, mallet, stick, articulations
Brush sweep loops syncd to host tempo
3 Beat Tools drum sequencers with MIDI Drag and Drop: Euclidean Beats, Poly Beats, Beat Shifter
The Drums
Yamaha Maple 18: Damp, Open
Rogers Holiday 20: Damped
Gretsch 20: Damped, Open
Ludwig 22: Fluffy Beater, Wood beater
Slingerland 24 Damped
Articulations: centre, edge, crossstick, rimshot, brush scrape short, brush scrape long, brush flutter bounce, brush sweep performance loops
Pearl Steel Sensitone 13: Brush, Brush Snare off, Stick
Ludwig Acrolite 14: Brush, Brush Snare Off, Stick, Bundle Rods, Stick Teatowel
Gretsch 14: Brush, Brush Snare off, Bundle Rods
Ludwig 400: Brush, Brush Snare Off, Percussion Mallet, Mallet Snare Off
Gope 10: Percussion Mallet, Tea Stick, Tea Stick Damped
Articulations: Closed, Pedal, Half Open, Open
Zildjian 13 Jungle Brush, Stick
Zildjian 15 Avedis: Brush
Zildjian 14 70s Brush, Bundle Rod
Zildjian 14 Dry: Brush, Beater Brush
Sabian 10 Mini: Beater Brush, Stick
Articulations: Centre, Edge, Rimshot, Rimclick
Stratford 18 Brush
Racksnare 15 Brush
Rogers 13, 16 Brush
Gretsch 12, 16 Brush
Ludwig 13,16 Percussion Mallet
LP Timbales: Stick, Beaterbrush
Articulations: Bell, Mid, Edge
Zildjian 22 Constantinople: Brush
Zildjian 22 Avedis: Brush
Zildjian Kerope 22: Brush
Zildjian 21 Special Dry Ride: Percussion Mallet
Zildjian k Dark Ride 22: Beaterbrush, Stick
Spiral: Brush, Stick