HALion Content Vocal (HALion)


Developer: Zmi
Platform: VST
Format: HALION
Quality: 32-bit 48 kHz Stereo

Description: These are sample banks for Steinberg’s HALion VST sampler.
Distribution includes 7 HSB (HALion Sound Bank) files
I gave a general name, but there is not only Vocal





Copy/move the files to the folder where the main HALion content is installed. To find out where the content is located, right-click on the HALion Content virtual folder, on the left, where the system drives are located (It is better to uncheck Show Categories), or on any HALion format file, or on any gray area where there are no other elements. We call About Content. In the lower area, and will be the full path to this folder.

When copied/moved, click on the same HALion Content virtual folder and call Locate HALion Content. In the window that opens, select all files, OK, and it will scan the folder and create a database of samples.
Who does not know what to do after the program has been downloaded, but there is no sound, then we select the program in the browser, go to the Sound tab, and look at what is there in the Out drop-down list, which is under the Volume knob. If FX, then go to the Global tab, Prog.FX tab, and select the desired output in the drop-down list. Or immediately on the Sound tab, select the desired output,

from the same Out (Stereo 1, Stereo 2, etc.).
By the way, it is not necessary to download the entire program. Using the drag and drop method, or by assigning a hot key, you can drag samples one by one, directly to the window with the list of programs, or to keys.