Capsun ProAudio – Purple Lights: The Faded Trap Kit (WAV)


Publisher : Capsun ProAudio
Website :
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Purple Lights: The Faded Trap Kit welcomes you to a smoky, zoned trap soul vibe that combines hazy atmospheric vocals and deep melodic atmospheres. Julez Jadon and SVRN have once again teamed up with Capsun ProAudio, showcasing a distinct style of high quality drum design, rich 808s and otherworldly textures.
Vintage-inspired melodic stacks, flipped pianos and chopped lofi guitars transition into vocals, 808 hits and dark themes. All new drum parts and programmed loops have been specially designed and recorded. A mixture of live drum hits, found sound and carefully crafted synth layers. Explore thick kicks, narrow rims and metallic hi-hat layers mixed with distinctive percussion and effects. Maximum versatility is the key to success, which is why there are variations on most loops – no punch, filtered, wet and dry, etc.
Julez Jadon and SVRN are respected producers from Frankfurt, Germany who use field recordings, live recording and creative sampling.

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