Sonuscore – Origins: Vol.5 UKULELE & MUTED PIANO (KONTAKT)


Publisher: Sonuscore
Website: sonuscore
Format: KONTAKT 5.8.1+
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Discover part 5 of the Sonuscore Origin series, VOL. 5: UKULELE & MUTED PIANO!
Accommodating a unique combination of two carefully sampled, special instruments, MAD (Multi-Arpeggio-Designer) provides excellent performance when playing chords, melodies or progressions on the keyboard.
Play bold and wide sequences with Muted Piano, add a light touch to the Ukulele, let both instruments mix playfully, use a wide variety of effects to get from drum sounds to atmospheric pads and more! All of this is instantly available through fully customizable presets, in both the musical and tonal categories. With a focus on user-friendliness, UKULELE & MUTED PIANO gives you everything you need to start with an impressive sound palette, dig further and customize the instrument to suit you.
UKULELE – let it stand out, add a percussive twist, create surround pads, or launch an impressive modern-sounding arpeggio: the possibilities are endless and usually found in just one preset.
MUTED PIANO – provides an interesting opportunity for tonal design. Playing simple chords can create an atmospheric base for your composition, while Multi-Arpeggio-Designer can give an instrument a distinctive, modern, sometimes futuristic look. Combined with UKULELE, you can get a new and fresh sound right at the pulse of the times.
The Multi-Arpeggio-Designer is the centerpiece of every instrument in Origins. Two fully customizable arpeggiators create interlocking patterns and wide soundscapes by combining the unique tones of the two instruments. The engine is designed to convey musically meaningful, human qualities, not for a computer to arbitrarily align notes.
Download one of the 100+ inspiring presets or create your own arpeggios with as much detail as possible. MAD provides many different features and controls to fulfill your musical vision.

Content :
– Two individually playable instruments
– Innovative Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD)
– 80 rhythm presets
– 12 unique color settings
– Full customization of all controls